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A wholly unsolicited letter from an visitor:

I am a Montrealer who will be visiting Napa later this week for a few days (2nd visit).

I have been hopping around the internet looking for ideas and comments (restaurants and wineries) and happened upon your site.

While I will only be able to comment on the accuracy of your preferences after I have tried a few of them (like Terra and Brix), I wanted to take a moment to tell you that you have, by far, the most informative, easy to use, and all around helpful site that I have ever encountered (not just about Napa...but really a general comment).

It is abundantly clear that you do, in fact, love Napa (as do I).

Hillel Frankel, President
Madacy Entertainment Group
Montreal, Canada

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Here is a list of the Top 10 Restaurants according to You!, the visitor.

  1. Belle Arti -- 97
  2. Bombay Bistro -- 97
  3. Coles -- 97
  4. Terra -- 97
  5. Domaine Chandon -- 96
  6. Martini House -- 96
  7. Brix -- 95
  8. Fume Bistro and Bar -- 95
  9. Rutherford Grill -- 95
  10. Mustard’s Grill -- 94

List compiled on January 19, 2005, Click here for an updated listing.

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